Christmas Routine Tips For LSDA Students.

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The Christmas season is upon us and if you are currently attending an acting school (LSDA) you are more then likely counting the amount of projects with your toes at this stage. Here is a couple of personal tips i learned throughout my break when i was in LSDA.

  1. Use this time to soak in everything you have learned, let it flow through you and really try to get to grips with it.
  2. Write down all the negative things you are saying in your head about yourself and ask yourself why you are saying these things and what steps you can take to over come them for next term.
  3. Get onto your projects as soon as possible while you are still hot / active in the head from the first term, trust me this will pay off and you won’t be panicking come term 2.
  4. Take all the risks with…

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Greatest Film Performances: 1960’s

60'sHere is the second instalment of our great film performances.  This list contains 12 amazing, must-see performances given by actors in films during the 1960’s.  Perhaps you can check a few out over the Holiday period.  Let us know if we have missed any that you think should be included:   Continue reading Greatest Film Performances: 1960’s

Wondering what play to read next? Samantha Robinson shares her recommendations.


We asked LSDA acting tutor Samantha Robinson to name some contemporary plays that she feels are well worth a read.  She kindly obliged and gave us a list of 13 plays that she highly recommends: Continue reading Wondering what play to read next? Samantha Robinson shares her recommendations.

Term One Play: Foundation Diploma

UnprotectedThis term Samantha Robinson will be directing the Foundation Diploma students in their Term 1 rehearsal project to be performed on the last day of term. The piece is ‘Unprotected’ by Esther Wilson, John Fay, Tony Green and Lizzie Nunnery.

Unprotected was created in response to Liverpool City Council’s proposed ‘Managed Zone’ for street sex workers. It is a hard hitting verbatim play based on hundreds of transcripted interviews with the people directly involved in every aspect of the debate as it’s text.

The managed zone feasibility study came about as a direct result of the murder of two prostitutes in the city in 2003 – the mothers of the victims are represented in the play. It also appeared at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh (3-20 August 2006) as part of the Edinburgh Festival and was awarded

A week in the life of an LSDA student

Below is an edited version of a diary written in 2008 by a student on our Advanced Diploma Course. Jennifer Monk writes about her week as a student at the London School of Dramatic Art.


Monday 7th January 2008

It’s the first day of term 2, after the Christmas break, and I am so excited to see everybody and start classes. I didn’t realise that I would miss all my new friends so much. Continue reading A week in the life of an LSDA student

Term One Plays – Advanced

This term the Advanced Diploma students are doing two totally contrasting plays for their term 1 rehearsal project.  Alan Bennett’s ‘Kafka’s Dick’ is being directed by Jason Lawson and Bruce Guthrie will direct Nick Payne’s version of ‘Electra’ by Sophocles.  Should we perform the tragedy first then the comedy? Or the other way round?  Probably best to end on a laugh just before Christmas.